Nikki Drew Bio

Nikki Drew  |  Director of Administration 

Nikki serves as the Director of Administration for Landfall Strategies, LLC. Nikki’s exceptional work ethic and business acumen have already made her a valued asset on the Landfall Strategies Team.

Most recently Nikki has been immersed in reviewing and auditing documentation and debris contractor invoices for two local governments heavily impacted by Hurricane Sally.

Going forward, Nikki will serve in a role of coordination and maintenance of company compliance, licensing, bonding, and will lead company efforts in the areas of contracts management, data, and payroll.


Nikki started her position with Landfall Strategies during the post-event Hurricane Sally activities for City of Foley, Alabama.  She efficiently and effectively grasped the task and served as a Billing Analyst for these projects.  Nikki performed under FEMA’s strict guidelines and understood the importance of accuracy and accountability while reviewing hauler load tickets and contractor’s invoices for the debris collected. 

Core Competencies in:

  • Billing Analysis
  • Auditing
  • Administrative Services
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Contracting
  • Payroll