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Disaster and Emergency Planning

Planning for disasters is a critical function which all local governments are obligated to perform in order to protect the lives, health and safety of their communities, reduce the impacts of a storm event, enhance response and recovery capabilities and facilitate coordination with state, federal and local agencies. Landfall Strategies assists clients with the development of many types of disaster plans.

Debris Management Planning
A major storm event can generate millions of cubic yards of all sorts of hazardous de
bris dispersed over a wide geographic area. The daunting challenges faced by those responsible for the safe, orderly and efficient collection, management and disposal of storm debris are best met by proper pre-event planning. We have prepared many comprehensive Debris Management Plans designed that help local government officials rapidly respond to and recover from major debris generating events in a coordinated, environmentally-responsible and cost-effective manner, while maximizing federal cost reimbursement opportunities.

We develop Debris Management Plans which are customized for each client, to ensure compliance with State and FEMA debris management guidelines by specifying standard procedures for:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • We have developed several FEMA-approved debris management plans, including for these entities:
      ♦ City of Miami, Florida
      ♦ Broward County School District, Florida
      ♦ Town of Davie, Florida
      ♦ Village of Virginia Gardens, Florida
      ♦ Florida Department of Transportation
      ♦ Lee County, Florida,
      ♦ Collier County, Florida
      ♦ City of Sumter, Florida
         . . . . . and more.

  • Emergency response and debris clearance prioritization and procedures
  • Damage assessments and debris quantification
  • Coordination with State and Federal agencies
  • Contracting for federally funded projects
  • Debris removal operations
  • Temporary Debris Management Site selection and management
  • Debris monitoring and documentation requirements
  • Debris final disposal
  • Hazardous waste collection and disposal
  • Private Property Debris Removal (PPDR)
  • Water-borne debris removal
  • Environmental compliance issues
  • Eligility Validation for Special Debris Types
  • Building condemnation and demolition procedures
  • Federal grants management and cost documentation
  • Maximizing federal reimbursements
FEMA currently offers financial and other incentives to communities with established Debris Management Plans and pre-event contracts. Contact us to learn more about FEMA's debris management planning incentives and how we can help ensure that your organization maximizes federal reimbursement opportunities.

Emergency Management Plans
Landfall Strategies can provide experienced professionals to assist local governments, businesses, state agencies and other organizations in the development of a variety of comprehensive, all-hazard emergency and incident response and recovery plans, including:
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans
  • Hazard Mitigation Plans
  • Continuity of Operations Plans
  • Emergency Operations Plans
  • Continuity of Government Plans 
  • Business Continuity Plans 
  • Community and Condominium Association Emergency Plans
  • Temporary Debris Site Selection, Permitting and Planning
  • Health Care Facility Emergency Plans
  • Port Security and Emergency Operations Plans

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
Benjamin Franklin

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