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Disaster Debris Monitoring Services  

Debris removal generally accounts for the largest portion of disaster recovery costs yet also leads to the most federal funding being lost due to mismanagement. FEMA Public Assistance Grant Program guidelines require contracted disaster debris removal operations to be independently monitored, to certify that only "FEMA-eligible" debris is collected, debris truck-loads are documented and quantified, debris removal contractors are operating within the scope of their contracts and that their invoices reconcile with actual volumes of debris removed.

For even modest storm events, debris monitoring can be a daunting and formidable task for a local government to attempt with its own personnel, who may be unfamiliar with debris monitoring requirements and FEMA eligibility rules or predisposed attending to normal responsibilities. To alleviate some of the onus that monitoring requirements impose, and to reduce the risks of fraud or mismanagement, FEMA will reimburse Public Assistance applicants for the costs of professional debris monitoring services.

 Our comprehensive disaster debris monitoring services include:

  • Pre-event planning, training and coordination 
  • Preliminary Damage Assessments and debris quantification
  • First push/clearance monitoring, documentation and tracking
  • Volumetric measurement and certification of trucks 
  • Temporary Debris Management Site evaluation
  • Loading site monitoring and Load Ticket completion (paper or electronic)
  • Debris Management Site monitoring 
  • Safety program compliance assurance and reporting
  • Public information program design and management
  • Contractor damages reporting and tracking
  • Daily coordination meetings and status reports 
  • Debris eligibility validation and coordination with FEMA and State
  • Stump, hanging limb and leaning tree removal documentation
  • Digital photographs and GPS locations of special debris
  • Private Property Debris Removal and Right of Entry Program management
  • Final disposal monitoring, confirmation and documentation
  • Debris Management Site closure and restoration oversight
  • Reconciliation of debris removal invoices and payment approval
  • Preparation of FEMA Project Worksheets and FHWA claims
  • Detailed after-action reports and exit briefings
Our team of debris specialists has unparalled experience in FEMA-compliant monitoring of major disaster debris removal operations, including for Hurricanes Charlie, Jeanne, Frances, Wilma, Ike, Gustav, Katrina, Isaac, Sandy, Matthew and several tornado, flood and winter storm events.

Automated Debris Management System (ADMS)

Landfall Strategies can deploy a state-of-the-art Automated Debris Management System using Hand Held Units (HHU) to electronically collect, store and manage debris project data and information. Our ADMS streamlines data entry and management, provides real-time status reports via secure web portals, generates GIS-enabled maps of debris clearance progress and reduces the risk of fraud and error.

ADMS benefits and capabilities include:

  • Utilizes readily-available hardware to allow rapid scale-up for large projects
  • Fast and effective training of new monitors through simplified HHU user interface
  • Reduces database error rate and opportunities for fraud
  • Streamlines contractor invoice reconciliation and project auditing
  • Integrated mapping and GIS tagging
  • Links digital photos and GPS coordinates to each load
  • Real-time reports through secure web portal accessible by client
  • Reduces or eliminates data entry labor costs
  • Load tickets printed on-site with encrypted 2D barcode
  • Functionality retained without cell-phone connectivity
  • Tracks monitor hours and locations
  • Secure and redundant data storage
Whether Landfall utilizes traditional paper load tickets or an ADMS, our clients are assured that all critical debris data and information will be accurate, secure and organized in compliance with FEMA requirements - to ensure full reimbursement of eligible debris removal and monitoring expenditures.

Our mission is to protect the client's interests, reputation and federal funding during debris operations by providing the highest level of professional debris monitoring services and FEMA program guidance. Contact Landfall Strategies for more information on how we can assist your disaster debris management team prepare for, execute and monitor a large debris removal operation.