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FEMA Program Consulting
Debris Monitoring
Grant Management
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Core Services

Landfall Strategies offers a range of professional consulting services to public and private sector clients. While we are focused on disaster recovery, the diverse backgrounds of our ownership and management team, and our network of partners and consultants, gives us the flexibilty to assist with an array of tasks - disaster-related and beyond. Among the services we provide are:

  • FEMA Public Assistance program administration and management
  • Disaster debris contract monitoring
  • Oil Spill response and recovery management
  • Debris management planning
  • Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan development
  • Training in debris operations and monitoring
  • Training in FEMA PA and FHWA ER programs
  • Grant opportunity research and grant application writing
  • Grants management, monitoring and reporting
  • Hazard Mitigation Plans and risk assessments
  • FEMA Individual Assistance Program Management
  • Emergency contract procurement support - RFP development
  • Support services for government programs - HUD-CDBG, FEMA-PA and HMPG, FHWA-ER, NRCS
  • Business and strategic alliance development
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