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With our extensive experience and connections in the disaster recovery industry, coupled with a strong knowledge of state, local and federal government contracting requirements, we are uniquely-qualified to assist businesses interested in contracting for disaster management services such as response and recovery supplies and equipment, temporary housing, beach renourishment and food, water, ice and meals provision, as well as other related fields. We assist all sorts of businesses with their efforts to develop new service capabilities and government clients, or to expand operations nationally or abroad.

Our Business to Business (B2B) services include:

  • Request for proposal and invitation to bid research and analysis
  • Proposal writing and preparation
  • Personnel recruitment and resume preparation
  • GSA contract applications
  • SAM registration
  • Foreign LLC/Corporation registrations
  • Professional network development
  • Sub-contractor identification and vetting
  • Market identification and development
  • Competitor research and pricing analysis
  • Scope of Work and capabilities development
  • Intellectual property development and protection
  • Marketing materials development
  • Marketing campaign design and support